President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is vying for re-election, has announced that his administration plans to introduce a work-from-home option for all state employees during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Aligned with the principles of good governance outlined in his “Happy, Peaceful Maldives” manifesto, the MDP acknowledges the significance of the final ten days of Ramadan, when a majority of Muslims engage in nightly prayers. As a result, the manifesto incorporates the provision for work-from-home arrangements during this period.

The manifesto’s focus on good governance also underscores the importance of enhancing the effectiveness of state operations, including within the civil service. Recognising that the civil service plays a pivotal role in executing the policies of the executive branch, the MDP aims to revamp its functioning to ensure efficiency and the provision of contemporary services. A key aspect of this initiative involves establishing a civil service regulatory framework grounded in the principles of public service and amending existing legislation accordingly.

The manifesto also commits to eliminating irregularities in governance across state entities, fostering autonomy in their operations, and instituting a public service structure through revisions to prevailing laws.