The former Minister of Economic Development under the Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom administration and current Minister for Economic Development and Trade, Mohamed Saeed, has fired back at his ex-boss, former President Yameen, for criticising the current Mohamed Muizzu-led administration’s lack of mature economic policies.

During a meeting held at the People’s National Front (PNF) office on Monday, Yameen criticised the Muizzu administration for failing to establish clear revenue-generating activities, stating that the administration was instead spending.

“And we have not heard any minister or any other official of this administration saying that certain projects are being launched to generate income for the economy, and the results will be seen some day,” he said.

Responding to Yameen’s criticism, Saeed questioned, on social media, if previous leaders had mooted revenue-generating measures two months into their respective administrations.

“This government will not sell state property, go back to debt monetisation by hamstringing law nor avoid fiscal responsibility,” the Minister went on to say in his social media post, referring to some of the measures taken by the previous administration.

Saeed, notably, had been seen, up until this recent turn of events, as an ardent supporter, admirer and a close associate of Yameen.

In response to Saeed’s rebuttal of Yameen’s criticism, previous social media comments by Saeed, praising Yameen as an innovative and exceptional leader, made a resurgence.