The Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has collected MVR 797.8 million in outstanding fees and taxes within the first quarter (Q1) of 2024, according to data by the nation’s chief collections agency.

MIRA collected the MVR 797.8 million as part of efforts to recover outstanding amounts. Recoveries were made through;

MethodAmount in MVR
Dunning488 million
Dues Clearance227 million
Bank Account Freezing Policy43 million
Call and Mail Remainders12 million

According to MIRA, final notices were issued to 9,244 persons for non-filing of tax returns and 5,860 persons for non-payment of taxes in Q1.

MIRA has provided concessions to those who have had difficulty in paying their taxes — payments have been allowed to be made in instalments by 231 persons, totalling MVR 502 million, according to the authority’s 2024 Q1 report.

The state still has an outstanding of MVR 8.7 billion in terms of fees and taxes as of Q1.

As of Q1, MVR 5.2 billion in taxes as well as MVR 3.5 billion in other state fees and levies remain outstanding according to MIRA. The amounts includes MVR 2.3 billion in GST and MVR 1.1 billion in tourism GST.

The outstanding for income tax stood at MVR 911.8 million while the amount for other outstanding taxes stood at MVR 868.4 million.

In addition, MVR 3.3 billion remains outstanding in terms of tourism land rent as well as MVR 179.1 million from other non-tax sectors.