The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has expelled Abdulla Jabir, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kaashidhoo, from the party and revoked his nomination to run in the upcoming parliamentary election. Known for his erratic behaviour and flamboyant style, MP Jabir has been the subject of scrutiny on multiple occasions. A recent video in which he is seen using inappropriate language and making obscene hand gestures towards his constituents and others has once again brought him into the limelight.

The MDP took serious note of his actions, especially as he was expected to defend his seat for the Kaashidhoo constituency in the parliamentary elections scheduled for 17 March. The decision to revoke his party ticket, which he won in the recent parliamentary primaries, came after an investigation into a complaint lodged against him.

MP Jabir’s ticket was revoked due to his repeated use of disrespectful language and disruption of public order while representing the MDP in parliament, said the MDP disciplinary committee in a statement. However, MP Jabir can submit a grievance to the MDP National Council, which has the authority to overturn the committee’s decision and reinstate him in the party. It is currently unclear whether he has taken this step.

MP Jabir, now in his fourth stint with the MDP, rejoined the party in June 2023. He has previously been a Jumhoree Party (JP) member, served as the president of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), and joined the MDP in 2010. However, disagreements with the MDP leadership led to his departure.

MP Jabir is known for his distinctive and eccentric speeches in parliament, anticipated by those who follow parliamentary proceedings on television. Some of his controversial proposals include calls to legalise medical marijuana, poker, and casinos on resort islands, which starkly contrast with the Constitution and religious laws.

Following the vacancy of the deputy speaker of parliament, MP Jabir expressed interest in the position. However, the MDP parliamentary group nominated Ahmed Saleem, the MP for Hoarafushi, who was subsequently elected. MP Jabir was one of two MDP lawmakers who rebelled and voted against appointing MP Saleem as the deputy speaker.

Recently, MP Jabir was involved in an incident where he damaged a microphone in parliament. The Parliamentary Committee on Members’ Privileges and Ethics is investigating the matter. If the committee decides to take punitive action against MP Jabir for this incident, he may be required to pay MVR 5,100 for a replacement microphone.