The ostrich, which had been attacked and had a leg broken, has died, the bird’s owner has announced on social media. The bird was attacked Wednesday night, and, according to the owner, it was not clear who attacked the bird or why.

The bird died of its injuries while the owner was looking for a way to treat it, and many on social media calling for an investigation.

The ostrich first came to prominence after being photographed standing at the doorstep of a house in Malé which had prompted the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture to look into the matter. The ministry found that the bird had been hatched from one of 50 ostrich eggs imported from Iran – the eggs had been imported under a permit issued by the government in January of last year.

The ministry then determined the ostrich be kept on a bird farm whereby the bird was kept in a cage in the green area on what used to be Farkolhufushi island, which had been integrated into Hulhumalé as part of the housing and urban development development project.

It is estimated that there are currently 10 ostriches in the Maldives.