First Lady Fazna Ahmed on Monday invited Sajidha Mohamed, wife of President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu, to Mulee’aage, the presidential residence. The meeting offered an opportunity for both women to discuss the evolving role of the First Lady in advancing the country’s social landscape.

Fazna Ahmed congratulated Sajidha Mohamed on her husband’s recent electoral victory in the 2023 Presidential Election. More than just an exchange of pleasantries, the discussion between the two was marked by a mutual dedication to the country’s social betterment. 

Both women displayed a fervent interest in elevating the nation’s social sector, including engaging in a detailed conversation on several pressing social concerns.

During their meeting, the incumbent First Lady took the opportunity to share invaluable insights gained during her tenure, affirming her complete assistance and support for her successor. This interplay of experience and fresh perspective is seen as a positive sign for the continuity of efforts directed towards social betterment.

Reiterating her devotion to a seamless transition, Fazna Ahmed reassured that she would be on hand to assist in any way, underlining the spirit of cooperation that seems to be the hallmark of this transition period. Both women concluded the meeting by wishing each other success in their future endeavours.