The Maldives Police Service (MPS) is poised to appoint a new Commissioner of Police, a position that has remained vacant since the retirement of the former commissioner, Mohamed Hameed, on 15 November. The Police Board has put forth the name of Assistant Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau as the suitable candidate for the role to the Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan. In the interim, Assistant Commissioner of Police Farhad Fikry has assumed the responsibilities of the position.

The police board had two potential candidates for the role of Police Commissioner: Assistant Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau and Assistant Commissioner of Police Ismail Naveen. However, Shujau was the board’s recommended choice, according to local media reports. An official declaration of the recommended nomination is awaited.

According to Section 75(a) of the Maldives Police Service Act, the Police Board is tasked with proposing its recommendation for the posts of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police to the minister based on a proposed list of names presented by the minister. The minister then makes a recommendation to the president, who makes the final appointment. The law stipulates that only police officers in the rank of assistant commissioner or higher can be appointed as police commissioners.

Ihusaan presented the names of both Shujau and Naveen to the police board for evaluation. Reportedly, the board determined that Naveen does not fulfill the criteria for the post of police commissioner. Ihusaan confirmed to local media that he has received the recommendation from the police board.

President Mohamed Muizzu, who assumed office on 17 November, has yet to appoint a police commissioner. Reportedly, former Assistant Commissioner of Police Ahmed Mohamed was a preferred choice for Muizzu. However, he was dismissed from MPS alongside four other senior officers, which led to a court case alleging wrongful termination.