In a bid to oust the current government, opposition parties Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)/People’s National Congress (PNC) and The Democrats have decided to forge an alliance. The newly formed partnership aims to collaborate in their efforts to effect change and pave the way for a new political era.

The Democrats, led by former President and current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has been collaborating with the PPM in their shared opposition against the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for some time. While not directly involved at this stage, Nasheed’s influential presence is widely acknowledged, as he is considered to be the driving force behind the party’s endeavours. The alliance’s inaugural official meeting was held at the Ocean Library in the capital city of Male’ on 25 June.

Following the meeting, representatives from both parties took to the media emphasising their dedication to explore every potential avenue for collaborating in their mission to oust the incumbent government.

“We are fully dedicated to doing whatever it takes to bring an end to the current government,” proclaimed MP Ali Azim, a prominent figure within The Democrats, in a resolute statement.

Senior PPM/PNC leader MP Ahmed Shiyam echoed similar sentiments, stating that discussions between the two parties would continue unabated. The MP vehemently criticised the incumbent government, alleging a disregard for the well-being of citizens and attributing irreversible damage to the nation as a result.

To facilitate further dialogue and coordination, a joint committee has been established by the two parties.

Preceding the alliance talks, both The Democrats and the PPM/PNC announced their intention to field a candidate in the forthcoming presidential election set to take place on 9 September. While the PPM/PNC have selected former President Abdulla Yameen as its candidate, his eligibility remains uncertain due to an ongoing corruption case and an earlier corruption and money laundering conviction for which he is currently serving a jail sentence.

Meanwhile, The Democrats are finalising their candidate selection, as the party’s formation procedures are still in progress. However, they have reiterated their commitment to put forward a suitable candidate for the presidential contest.