In statement issued on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih expounded on the critical role that modern democracy plays in maintaining the country’s independence. 

He highlighted that democratic governance is not merely a political system but a cornerstone that enables citizens to achieve economic prosperity and general well-being.

Expressing his gratitude, President Solih recognised and lauded those who have been instrumental in bringing democracy to the Maldives. He made a special mention of the sacrifices made by many individuals in their ceaseless quest for upholding democratic principles. Their contributions, he stated, have been pivotal in the nation’s journey toward democratic governance.

President Solih elaborated on the substantial progress the Maldives has made in democratising its political landscape. A key feature of this progress, he noted, is the guarantee of equal rights and opportunities for all citizens in services provided by the state. This has been an essential factor in fostering societal contentment and cohesion. He added that the principles enshrined in the Maldives Constitution have yielded considerable benefits for the country and its people since their implementation.

In his address, the President also underscored the essential role played by the freedom of the press and freedom of expression in strengthening modern democracy. He commented that the emergence of a free and transparent press environment has been a significant asset in reinforcing the nation’s democratic infrastructure. However, President Solih also cautioned that these freedoms come with responsibilities and obligations that should not be taken lightly.