President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, along with First Lady Fazna Ahmed, has vacated the official presidential residence, Mulee-aage. This move comes in the wake of Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s victory over President Solih in the September presidential election. Muizzu, representing the PPM-PNC coalition, is poised to take office as President on 17 November, marking a new chapter in the nation’s political history.

The presidential residence, Mulee-aage, holds a rich history and has been a focal point of political activity over the years. Built over a century ago during the reign of Sultan Mohamed Shamshudheen, it has been home to several of the nation’s leaders. President Solih and the First Lady moved into Mulee-aage on 30 November 2018, shortly after his inauguration. Now, they have chosen to relocate to the First Lady’s family home in Maafannu, Male’.

The residence has not only been a living space but also a centre of political operations. During former President Abdulla Yameen’s tenure, it was utilised for campaign meetings of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and hosted the party’s parliamentary group gatherings. Yameen initially resided in his own home before moving to Mulee-aage in the latter years of his rule, and also used the residence for political purposes, a practice mirrored by his predecessors.

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom also used Mulee-aage until 1994 when Theemuge, a newer presidential residence, was built. Former President Mohamed Nasheed lived in Mulee-aage instead of the opulence of the new residence, making way for Theemuge to be used as the Supreme Court. 

The upcoming occupancy of Mulee-aage by President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu and his wife Saajidha Mohamed remains to be confirmed.