Ahmed Mubeen, the Managing Director of Regional Airports Company Limited (RACL), has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to meeting all services required by travellers and enhancing service offerings at RACL-operated facilities.

During an event celebrating the company’s third anniversary, the managing director highlighted the significant progress made since its inception and noted that RACL had initially operated with extremely limited resources. However, he highlighted that the company’s airports are now fully compliant with civil aviation guidelines, their security apparatus has been strengthened, and the human resources have been developed to the extent that the company conducts in-house training rather than relying on external sources, all while also upgrading the service offerings to travellers. Mubeen attributed these advancements to the hard work of the company’s 500-plus Maldivian employees, expressing wholehearted gratitude for their contributions.

RACL Managing Director Ahmed Mubeen addresses staff members at the company’s third anniversary event on Thursday, 11 January 2024. | Photo: RACL

While the company had overseen many developments in its operations, Mubeen noted that some airports still lacked basic facilities such as prayer rooms, shops, cafés, and infant changing rooms.

He went on to assure travellers that RACL would undertake efforts to further enhance the company’s airports and build trust by continuing to upgrade and introduce facilities and services, which would add value to travellers, and in turn the company.

Mubeen, who took over as managing director in December 2023 , has committed to ending RACL’s reliance on government subsidies and the state budget within three years of his tenure.

RACL, established by Presidential Decree as a 100 percent state-owned enterprise on 11 January 2021, has been tasked with the responsibility of enhancing the service offerings at state-owned airports while reducing the cost burden on the state budget related to operating, maintaining, and upgrading services and facilities.

RACL currently operates six domestic airports across the Maldives, as well as one international airport. This includes domestic facilities at Hoarafushi Airport, Kulhudhuffushi Airport, Fonadhoo Airport, Maavarulu Airport, Faresmaathondaa Airport, and Fuvamulah Airport. Hanimaadhoo International Airport is also operated by RACL.

The regional airports operator, within its three years, has achieved several milestones, which include;

  • Upgrading the security scanning machines at the regional airports to reduce downtime while increasing accuracy and shortening passenger wait times
  • Developing the technical know-how to troubleshoot scanning equipment in-house
  • Developing 14 civil aviation-accredited trainers
  • Developing and launching the Faresmaathodaa Airport with sole oversight
  • Initiating the development and upgrade of Hanimaadhoo International Airport
  • Establishing the first Fire Simulator in the Maldives at Hoarafushi Airport
  • Installing runway lights at Kulhudhuffushi Airport, enabling night flights and 24-hour operations
  • Developing requirements to seek expression of interest (EOI) for additional upgrades and development at Kulhudhuffushi Airport — in line with President Mohamed Muizzu’s ‘Week 14’ roadmap
  • Initiating work to develop a tourism zone through a partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Kulhudhuffushi City Council, adjacent to the Kulhudhuffushi Airport.

RACL is commemorating the company’s third-year anniversary with events at its headquarters in Malé, as well as at all airports operated by the company across the Maldives.