A rare and luminous fish, commonly known as the flashlight fish, was caught off the east coast of Rasgetheem Island on Tuesday night. The fisherman responsible, Hussain Ibrahim, reported that the brown, eight-inch-long fish did not die when it was initially caught. However, it later died when it was put into the water.

Ibrahim stated: “I caught it with such force that it became inflamed. I tried to extinguish it by putting it in water. But later the fish died.” He said that he was surprised to catch the rare fish and immediately tried to save it.

The Pinecone fish, scientifically referred to as Anomalopidae, is known for its bioluminescence, which it uses to attract prey and communicate with other fish. The species is typically found in deeper waters and is rare to catch near the coast.

Flashlight fish are easily recognizable due to the bioluminescent bacteria located within their eyes, which enable them to produce light. These fish have specialized organs below their eyes that can create flashes of light, making them appear to be using a flashlight.

Despite being rare, these fish are not endangered. They can be found in various parts of the world and are commonly kept in aquariums due to their unique appearance.

The catch has stirred up excitement in the local fishing community. “It’s rare to see this fish in our waters. It’s definitely a catch worth remembering,” said local fisherman, Ahmed Ali.