The Elections Commission of Maldives (EC) has announced the revocation of a regulation allowing retirement with benefits for members who have served two terms. The decision, communicated on Sunday, also nullifies a previous policy enabling the commission to determine salaries and overtime remuneration internally.

Hassan Zakariyya, a member of the EC, clarified that a Finance Ministry’s directive prompted the annulment of the regulation. He stated that the Ministry’s decision underscores the authority of parliament in determining the salaries and allowances of EC members.

Zakariyya stated that the Ministry’s decision to have parliament determine the salaries and allowances of EC members renders the current regulation unalterable, noting that it had not been adhered to even prior to the Ministry’s directive.

The amended policy facilitated retirement for employees aged 55 and above, with a minimum of 15 years of service to the commission. Employees who transitioned to commissioner roles while serving in other capacities were also eligible for retirement benefits, considering their cumulative service.

The revised policy stipulated a lump sum retirement benefit based on salary and years of service, with a 15-year cap for calculation purposes. Additionally, retirees were entitled to a monthly retirement payment equivalent to 75 percent of their last-held salary.

Despite proposals from independent institutions, including the EC, for retirement packages, parliamentary approval for such arrangements has yet to materialise.