France, Spain, and Portugal have been included in the list of countries for which visa applications can be filed within the Maldives, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced. This service is available at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre in Malé.

Prior to the establishment of the VFS Global Visa Application Centre in Malé on 1 March 2020, Maldivians intending to travel to Schengen area countries had to process their visa applications at the respective embassies and foreign offices in Sri Lanka and India.

The addition of France, Spain, and Portugal expands the list of countries for which Schengen visa applications can be submitted in Malé to nine. This list includes Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, and Slovenia.

The foreign ministry highlighted the convenience this expansion brings to Maldivian travellers applying for Schengen visas. Although visa applications can currently be submitted for nine countries within the Schengen area, a Schengen visa allows Maldivian travellers to visit all 27 countries within the area.