In the ongoing trial of Ali Shahil, accused of the brutal murder of 22-year-old musician Shiaau Mohamed Saeed in Malé, the Criminal Court has issued several key decisions. The trial is being conducted behind closed doors.

Shahil, also 22 and prominent local skater, was arrested at the crime scene in August last year. He faces five charges, including murder with intent using a sharp-edged weapon, possession of pornography, and cannabis use. Two charges remain undisclosed. The murder took place in an apartment on the ninth floor of H. Sheereen Villa.

During a hearing on Thursday, the court noted Shahil’s continued silence, stating no observable disability preventing his response. The court has twice provided state-funded legal representation, which Shahil has refused to cooperate with. Consequently, the Attorney General’s Office has elected not to appoint further legal aid.

The court issued an order to preserve evidence, allowing Shahil to review it solely within the court. The next phase of the trial will involve Shahil’s response to the charges after examining the evidence.

The police investigation faced challenges, including the lack of a clear motive. While Shahil responded to general questions, he remained silent regarding the murder. Autopsy results showed deliberate injuries inflicted on Shiaau before and after her death, and weapons used in the murder were recovered. Investigators have unlocked Shahil’s phone, anticipating evidence that could clarify the motive.