The State Trading Organization (STO), the leading supplier of construction materials in the Maldives, has launched a special promotion for its ‘Pioneer’ brand cement.

The promotion, run under the umbrella of STO Construction Solutions, offers a significant discount on ‘Pioneer’ brand cement bags. Customers can now purchase a 50-kilogramme bag of this premium cement for MVR 90, a substantial markdown from the original price of MVR 108. As an added incentive, STO offers free delivery to loading sites for customers who make purchases exceeding MVR 1,500 during the promotion.

The promotion is expected to provide a significant boost to contractors and resellers of cement in the outer atolls, in addition to benefiting the general public, the company said.

The ‘Pioneer’ brand of cement, manufactured in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most popular cement brands in the UAE. The cement, which is an OPC cement, adheres to the EN 197-1:2011 CEM (BS 42.5N) Grade standard. The promotion runs until the end of May.