State Trading Organization (STO) has extended the collection period for the government’s Ramadan donation of staple food supplies. The organisation has confirmed that these donations can now be collected at the STO warehouse in Malé until the final day of Ramadan.

This initiative is part of President Mohamed Muizzu’s pledge to provide each Maldivian household with staple food supplies during the holy month of Ramadan. Each household can receive 10 kilogrammes of flour and 10 kilogrammes of rice.

Distribution of the remaining uncollected staple food gifts will continue until 9 April, STO said in a statement. The collection times at the warehouse are from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., excluding Fridays.

The donations are exclusively provided to Maldivian households, and they are distributed based on each household’s electricity metre number. Individuals are required to present their national identification card at the time of collection.

The staple food has been distributed nationwide, with each household receiving the donation. The respective island councils manage the distribution. In Malé, the Malé City Council has overseen the distribution process.