A tourist was left seriously injured after a terrifying shark attack while diving near Embudhoo Express, a popular dive site. The incident occurred on Thursday as the woman was swimming alongside others.

A video that has since gone viral on social media shows the injured woman being rushed to the hospital in a pickup truck near the Foreign Ministry. The video footage shows a large portion of her left arm severely injured, with blood flowing uncontrollably. Onlookers, including fellow tourists, can be seen in a state of anxiety as they witness the distressing scene.

Details regarding the victim’s nationality remain unclear. However, local media reports suggest that she was on vacation at a guest house in Maafushi Island, Kaafu Atoll.

There has been no official comment form the authorities regarding the incident.

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are not known. Shark attacks are still relatively rare and most of the recorded attacks involved instances of feeding. Shark feeding is illegal in the Maldives under the prevailing regulations on recreational diving. In a circular issued in 2021, the Tourism Ministry categorically instructed all tourist establishments, dive centres, and excursion providers to refrain from such activities.