Treetop Hospital, in collaboration with Saima Centre in India, on Monday launched a fertility centre, marking the introduction of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in the Maldives. The much-anticipated service was launched at a ceremony held at Treetop Hospital, which was presided over by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking at the function, President Solih expressed his gratitude to the hospital for bringing hope to many Maldivians. He highlighted that seeking IVF treatment abroad can cost Maldivians between MVR 300,000 to MVR 400,000, creating a significant financial burden for families. By offering IVF services domestically, the President said the fertility centre would make IVF treatment more accessible and convenient for individuals while remaining close to their loved ones.

Previously, the only available alternative for individuals facing fertility challenges in the Maldives was intrauterine insemination (IUI). As a result, many Maldivians resorted to seeking IVF treatment in hospitals in India and Sri Lanka, incurring additional expenses for travel and accommodation, which ranged from $2,000 to $5,000 (MVR 30,840-77,100) per round of IVF alone.

The fertility centre at Treetop Hospital aims to alleviate the financial burden on individuals by offering IVF treatment for MVR 46,000, approximately one-tenth of the cost incurred abroad.

Aadhil Moosa, the Chief Operating Officer of Treetop Hospital, expressed his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking initiative. He stated, “We are not bringing a half solution. We are bringing a full solution from consultation to surgery. We have started this based on international best practices.” The fertility centre, with an investment of $1 million (MVR 15.4 million), is poised to revolutionise the healthcare sector in the Maldives.

Heading the fertility center will be Dr. Zakia Ahmed, the Maldives’ first fertility specialist. Dr. Ahmed brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the center, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care in line with international benchmarks.

The introduction of IVF services in the Maldives is a significant milestone that promises newfound hope and possibilities for individuals struggling with natural fertility.