Uber Eats is under fire following the airing of its Super Bowl advertisement, which has been criticised for making light of a man’s allergic reaction to peanut butter.

The controversial ad, titled “Don’t Forget Uber Eats,” features former Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, as well as David and Victoria Beckham. However, it has drawn widespread condemnation for its portrayal of food allergies.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) expressed disappointment at Uber Eats’ use of allergies as a joke, while individuals with allergies condemned the ad as “disgusting, tone-deaf, and completely unnecessary.”

In the ad, a scene depicts a man experiencing an allergic reaction, with hives on his face and a swollen eye, after discovering peanuts in peanut butter. Critics argue that such portrayal trivializes a serious medical condition and could potentially encourage bullying, especially among children.

Dr. Sung Poblete, head of FARE, highlighted the concerning impact of such commercials, emphasising the need for education about the realities of living with food allergies.

Despite the ad’s disclaimer urging caution regarding peanut allergies, individuals like JD Arland, who is allergic to peanuts and soy, found the attempt at humor offensive and exacerbating stereotypes. Arland highlighted the importance of platforms like Uber Eats accommodating individuals with food allergies and ensuring their safety.

Super Bowl advertisements are highly anticipated by viewers, with many tuning in specifically for the ads. However, Uber Eats’ misstep underscores the importance of sensitivity and responsibility in advertising, particularly when it comes to sensitive topics like health and medical conditions.

As the debate over the ad continues, it serves as a reminder of the need for greater awareness and understanding of food allergies, both in advertising and in society at large.