Vice President Faisal Naseem held a special meeting on Thursday with senior officials responsible for overseeing this year’s Hajj administration. The objective of the session was to strategise transportation arrangements for the pilgrims. The Vice President chaired the session at the President’s Office.

To accommodate the allocated quota of 1,000 pilgrims, the authorities will utilize a range of transportation services within Male’, Hulhumale’, and Villingili. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure a convenient and hassle-free travel experience for all participants in the holy journey. Additionally, as in previous years, the authorities will also establish a dedicated committee to supervise preparations and operations. The committee’s role will be to ensure a well-coordinated and efficient journey.

During the meeting, Vice President Faisal Naseem expressed gratitude to the various institutions involved for their invaluable cooperation and support in organising the transportation of pilgrims to Velana International Airport (VIA) over the past four years. He commended their efforts and emphasized his responsibility, entrusted by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, to oversee and closely monitor the preparations for this year’s Hajj season.

Annual Mass Gathering

In April, a group of more than 130 Umrah pilgrims faced considerable challenges in returning to Male’. The incident garnered media attention and prompted the authorities’ focus. Al Mash’aru Hajj Group failed to settle the cost of flight chartering to Travel 2 Maldives, a local tour operator. Media reports revealed that two cheques issued by the Hajj & Umrah Group, totaling $247,450.00, bounced. This left the tour operator caught between the airline and the institute.

As the upcoming Hajj season approaches, both families of the pilgrims and authorities are eager to prevent such recurrences, recognizing the longer duration, additional rituals, and limited timeframe associated with the journey. The Hajj is one of the world’s largest annual mass gatherings. The season is expected to occur between June 26 and July 1 this year.