Former President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan has officially joined Jumhooree Party (JP) amidst growing speculations about his political future following his departure from the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

In a press statement, Waheed expressed his disappointment with PPM’s leadership and decision-making processes. “After much deliberation, I have chosen to align myself with the Jumhooree Party, a platform that I believe embodies the stability, integrity, and honesty necessary for the progress of our nation,” Waheed stated.

Waheed’s move to JP comes in the wake of PPM’s unexpected decision not to field a candidate in the upcoming Presidential Elections, despite his efforts to secure the party’s nomination. He described this decision as a “betrayal to the party and the people of the Maldives.”

Speculations about Waheed’s affiliation with JP gained traction following his recent interactions with the JP leadership. With his official endorsement of Jumhooree Party candidate Qasim Ibrahim’s presidential campaign, Waheed’s entry into JP marks a significant shift in the Maldives’ political landscape.

President Waheed, who assumed office after the controversial resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed, played a pivotal role in stabilising the nation during a period of intense political turmoil. His decision to join JP is seen as an effort to continue his commitment to the Maldivian people by aligning himself with a party that he believes can usher in a new era of progress and development.