The Palestinian resistance group Hamas has stated that no progress has been made in ceasefire talks with Israel but remains ready to “deal positively” with any proposal that includes a “permanent ceasefire.”

The news comes as Israel has killed six Palestinian civilians, including children, in intensified airstrikes on Rafah. Israeli artillery strikes killed four Palestinians in Beit Lahiya and Gaza City. In Shujaiya, Israeli tanks have been firing shells, trapping families inside their homes. The past 24 hours have seen Israel kill 43 Palestinians in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the international community has reacted strongly to recent developments, particularly Israel’s legalisation of five new settlements. The Arab League, European Union, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have all condemned the move. An Israeli minister announced plans to bring a million new settlers to the West Bank.

Egypt has taken a strong stance against Israeli actions in Gaza, with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi condemning the ongoing attacks. Egypt has been actively supporting the Palestinian people, providing essential relief efforts and facilitating the movement of Gazan refugees. Since October, 115,000 Gazans have crossed into Egypt, many seeking medical treatment or escaping the conflict.

Since 7 October, Israel has killed at least 37,877 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 86,969 others in Gaza.