Israel has rejected a binding order from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to halt its assault on Rafah, calling the directive “outrageous, morally repugnant and disgusting.” The Israeli government also dismissed allegations of committing genocide in Gaza as false.

The ICJ ruling called for an immediate cessation of Israel’s military offensive in Rafah and urged uninterrupted access for UN-mandated investigators to Gaza to investigate allegations of genocide.

Despite the ICJ order, Israeli tanks and troops have advanced into the southeastern parts of Rafah and are now pushing towards the city’s densely populated western district. This movement has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the enclave, where food and medical supplies are desperately needed.

The Israeli military’s operations have extended to the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, targeting residential buildings, schools, and UNRWA facilities. These attacks have displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, pushing the entire camp population towards western Gaza City. The camp received no water or food supplies for the last 17 days due to Israeli blockade, resulting in widespread famine.

Israeli strikes on the Wadi Gaza area in central Gaza killed at least three Palestinians, according to Wafa news agency. Israeli jets launched strikes east of Deir el-Balah, though no casualties were reported in that incident. An earlier air attack near the Nuseirat camp killed three civilians sheltering in a residential apartment.

Meanwhile, Egypt has agreed to allow UN aid through the critical Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing. This decision follows Israel’s seizure of the Rafah land route, which restricted the flow of essential supplies into Gaza.

As the Israeli army settlers continue to block the entry of food aid and emergency medical supplies into Gaza, Italy has announced new funding to aid the Palestinian people. During a meeting in Rome with Palestine’s Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani committed 35 million euros ($38 million) in new funding, with five million euros ($5.4 million) allocated through the UNRWA.

In its war on Gaza which began on 7 October, Israel has killed at least 35,903 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 80,420 others.