Israel has imposed restrictions on West Bank worshippers entering Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem. About 35,000 gathered for prayers on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. Jordan expressed concern over Israel’s imposition of restrictions on worshippers’ access to the Mosque for Ramadan prayers. Jordanian authorities argue that these actions are pushing the situation towards a dangerous “explosion,” heightening the risk of further violence and unrest.

Meanwhile, two Palestinian men, Muhammad Jaber and Tawfiq Aed Fawaz Hussein, were shot and killed by the Israeli military near the town of Attil in the occupied West Bank. According to reports from the Wafa news agency, citing local sources, members of Israel’s special forces opened fire on the two men inside a shop. Israeli forces allegedly prevented ambulances from reaching the wounded individuals, and both men later succumbed to their injuries at the Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital in Tulkarem.

In addition to its deadly attacks on Gaza, Isreal is also carrying out airstrikes on other countries in the region. Israeli warplanes bombed the Lebanese city of Baalbek, located nearly 100km from the border with Israel, according to Lebanese media reports.

Amid the continued Israeli attacks and blockade of aid, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief reported that an aid mission reached Al-Shifa Hospital in north Gaza, delivering food and medical supplies. However, the Health Ministry revealed that 2,000 medical workers in the north are on the brink of famine. Two children succumbed to severe malnutrition and dehydration at Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza, bringing the reported deaths from malnutrition to 27.

The head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Phillippe Lazzarini, revealed an incident where Israel turned back a truck loaded with humanitarian aid destined for Gaza. The reason cited was the presence of medical scissors on board.

The United States has expressed concern over Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah. Despite the passing of Israel’s self-imposed Ramadan deadline for the invasion, the US claims that Israel has not presented a comprehensive plan to protect civilians.

Over two weeks have passed since President Biden expressed hope for a ceasefire during a New York ice cream shop visit. No significant progress has been made towards achieving a truce in the Israel’s war on Gaza.

CIA Director William Burns concluded his eighth visit to the Middle East, recapping the Biden administration’s three-step process for reaching a ceasefire. The plan involves securing a temporary ceasefire for a prisoner exchange and a six-week ceasefire that could pave the way for potential long-term negotiations.

During a Senate committee, CIA Director Burns faced a direct question about whether Israel is exterminating Palestinians. However, he did not provide a clear answer. The same question was redirected to the National Security Agency director, who failed to respond definitively.

Since 7 October, Isreal has killed at least 31,045 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 72,654 others. Isreal, with unconditional support from the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, and other western governments, has also destroyed over 75 percent of the civilian infrastructure in Gaza, including homes, hospitals, schools, and places of worship. Israel is also blocking entry of emergency aid into Gaza and it has been accused by rights group of “using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare in the enclave, which is a war crime.” Israeli officials have made public statements expressing their aim to deprive civilians in Gaza of food, water, and fuel – statements reflected in Israeli forces’ military operations, according to rights groups. Israeli forces are also targeting and killing Palestinians scrambling for food aid, with more than 400 aid seekers killed since the ‘flour massacre’ in late February.

Observers say with the US, the UK and other westerns governments providing diplomatic cover, arms and financial support, Israel is unlikely face any consequences for the violations of international law.