Doctors Without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières or MSF) has voiced concern regarding the Israeli military’s recent evacuation warning to more than a million residents in northern Gaza.

MSF General Director Meinie Nicolai pointed out the severity of the medical and humanitarian impact of the crisis, stating that ‘Unprecedented’ doesn’t even cover the medical and humanitarian impact of this.

The evacuation order, intended to create a buffer zone, sparked concerns about the feasibility and potential human cost of evacuating such a massive number of people within the stipulated 24-hour timeframe.

Gaza has been the epicentre of the conflict. The region has witnessed a rapid deterioration in living conditions and well-being of its residents. Thousands have already lost their lives, and the situation shows no sign of letting up.

MSF argues that the challenges of moving over a million people in such a short period are immense and may worsen the existing humanitarian crisis. Concern is also raised about the well-being and safety of the civilians who are being forced to relocate.

Advocates for peace and humanitarian organisations urge the urgent establishment of safe spaces and safe passage for the civilians trapped in Gaza. MSF, in particular, has been a vocal advocate for a swift end to the violence and the creation of safe zones for civilians.

MSF General Director Meinie Nicolai added: “Gaza is being flattened, thousands of people are dying. This must stop now. We condemn Israel’s demand in the strongest possible terms.”

MSF represents over 169 nationalities and extends its humanitarian reach to more than 70 nations worldwide. The organisation continues to deliver psychological aid to individuals in Palestine grappling with the enduring consequences of the long-standing conflict.