Palestinian resistance groups have confirmed that they would continue to confront the Israeli ground invasion of Rafah and other areas in Gaza, regardless of the duration or nature of the aggression. In a video massage, the spokesman for Hamas’s armed wing, Abu Obeida, declared that Palestinians will continue their resistance against the ongoing ground invasion of Rafah and other areas in Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces.

Highlighting the ideological foundation of their resistance against Israel’s 76-year brutal occupation of Palestinian territories, Abu Obeida said that Hamas’ steadfastness stems from their rightful ownership of the land rather than sheer military power. He reported significant successes in targeting over 100 Israeli armoured vehicles, including tanks, troop carriers, and bulldozers.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military claimed control over half of the Philadelphia Corridor, a 14-kilometre strip along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Over 630,000 Palestinians were forced to flee as Israeli army pushed farther into southern Rafah with air and ground attacks. Another 100,000 have escaped the intense ground assault in the north.

Palestinian resistance fighters are engaging Israeli troops in both Jabalia, located in northern Gaza, and in southern Rafah city. Islam Khamaysa, a commander of the Jenin Brigades, was killed in an Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp. This strike also left eight others wounded.

Israeli forces also attacked the Faisal bin Fahd School, situated west of the Jabalia refugee camp, killing one and injuring several others. Reports indicate that two Palestinians were killed and numerous others were injured following Israeli strikes on residential areas in central Rafah and the Ma’an areas of Khan Younis.

In its war on Gaza which began on 7 October, Israel has killed at least 35,303 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounded 79,261 others.

Meanwhile, demonstrators have gathered in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, to voice their support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The gathering represented a diverse coalition of civil society groups and political parties. The protesters demanded an immediate end to Israel’s military campaign in Palestinian territories.