Seasoned sprinter and long-distance runner Samha Ahmed has broken the national record in the women’s 5000 meters for the second time in just a month.

On 18 April, the 42-year-old competed in the 5000-metre Grefrath Railway Open in Germany, clocking in at 19 minutes and 42.45 seconds, setting a new national record. Merely two weeks later, she participated in the Long Distance Championship in Wassenberg, Germany, and outdid her record by finishing the 5000-metre race in 19 minutes and 41.86 seconds.

Ahmed’s achievements didn’t stop there. She also secured third place in the Long Distance Champion category in the over-40 age group, adding another feather to her cap.

Ahmed, previously renowned for her sprinting prowess and numerous national records, has recently embarked on a new chapter in her athletic career, primarily focusing on long-distance runs. Currently residing in Germany, she is under the guidance of coach Nasrulla Ahmed. In 2023, she broke the national marathon and half-marathon records in the women’s category.

The previous 5000-metre record was held by Aminath Jaisha Juneez, who set the record in September 2022 with 19 minutes, 43.09 seconds.

On 21 April, Ahmed also competed in the 10000-metre mixed-event race, surpassing the national record. However, due to the nature of the event being mixed-gender, her noteworthy performance was not officially recognised as a new national record.

Mariyam Abdul Kareem holds the women’s 10000-metre national record, having completed the Australian Gold Coast Marathon in 44 minutes and 7 seconds. Nevertheless, Ahmed completed the 10000-metre mixed-event race in an impressive 40 minutes and 18.49 seconds.