Mohamed Yameen (Yaanbe’) has once again emerged victorious in the National Bodybuilding category, securing the prestigious Mr. Maldives title for an impressive third consecutive time. 

The event, which took place at the Social Center Indoor Hall, also featured Azneen Rashad successfully defending his title in the Best Sports Physique category for an astonishing fourth consecutive year. 

The bodybuilders’ remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed, as they were also honoured with the distinction of possessing the most bodybuilding awards in the Maldives. 

Yaanbe’s triumph at the competition is remarkable as no other individual has managed to secure the Mr. Maldives title four times. Prior to his consecutive victories, Yaanbe’ had already claimed the title in 2017. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the tournament was not held the following year. When the event was reintroduced in 2019, it was Giyas Ibrahim who walked away with the prestigious Mr. Maldives title.

In the subsequent year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the tournament to be postponed once again. However, this setback did not hinder Yaanbe’s determination, as he began his remarkable winning streak by claiming the title in both 2021 and 2022. Last year, Yaanbe overcame the heartbreak of not reaching the finals of the Asian Bodybuilding Championships by securing a well-deserved bronze medal in the challenging bodybuilding super 90kg category at the World Championships.

Azneen, who won the Best Sports Physique category, has been consistently recognised for his exceptional talent and accomplishments. He clinched the coveted 2022 Athlete of the Year award at this year’s Maldives Sports Awards. Azneen’s achievement at this years’s competition solidifies his position as the most decorated bodybuilder in the history of the Maldives.

In the sports physique up to 170 cm category, Azneen showcased his incredible skills by winning gold medals at both the World Championships and Asian Championships last year. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the first athlete from the Maldives to secure a gold medal at the World Championships. 

Looking ahead, the next challenge on the horizon for both Yaanbe’ and Azneen is the South Asian Bodybuilding Championship, which is set to take place at the Social Center Indoor Hall in Male’ City.