Embraer, the Brazilian plane maker, has announced plans to build a new factory near Sao Paulo to produce electric flying taxis by 2026.

The aircraft, developed by its subsidiary Eve, will resemble small helicopters capable of carrying up to six passengers. With an estimated cost of US$50 to US$100 per person per trip, Eve has already received orders for nearly 3,000 air taxis. The company aims to construct a prototype this year, and US regulators have set a timeline for air taxis to be operational in the country by 2025.

These electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft will not require a runway and can cover long distances similar to airplanes. The use of electric motors is expected to reduce noise and pollution compared to traditional planes. The deployment of these air taxis in crowded cities could potentially ease traffic congestion without being financially burdensome for customers. Additionally, they are considered an eco-friendly alternative for transporting cargo.

The factory will be established in the city of Taubate, approximately 140 km from Sao Paulo, Brazil’s economic hub. Initially, the drone-like passenger vehicles will operate as part of taxi fleets, with piloted flights. However, Eve plans to introduce self-piloted vehicles in later phases.

With a commitment to emission-free flights, the air taxis will run entirely on electricity, showcasing Embraer’s dedication to sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.