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A voter casts his ballot in the presidential election runoff held on Saturday, 30 September 2023. (Photo: Ahmed Inash/Maldives Republic)
EU Raises Concern Over Campaign Financing Transparency and Impact of Vote-Buying 

The European Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has raised significant concerns over the transparency and oversight of campaign finance in…

MDP Considers Reviving Anti-Defection Law


Guinness Record Holder Defies Odds With 34,128 Burgers and Daily Walks

Don Gorske, a retired prison officer, has become a living example to the unexpected, defying health warnings and societal norms…

Children in Gaza
Gaza Faces Mass Killing of Children in Slow Motion, Says Save the Children

The international charity organisation Save the Children says Gaza is facing a “mass killing of children in slow motion” as Israel…

Biden, Netanyahu Pursue Contradictory Objectives in Gaza Ceasefire Negotiations

Despite expressions of hope from US President Joe Biden, both Israeli and Hamas officials have downplayed the likelihood of an…

Great Mosque of Algiers
Algeria Inaugurates Africa’s Largest Mosque

The Great Mosque of Algiers, claiming the title of Africa’s largest mosque with the tallest minaret at 265 meters (869…


US Returns to Moon After 50 Years With Spacecraft Odysseus

The United States made its long-awaited return to the lunar surface after over 50 years. The private spacecraft Odysseus, operated…

Japan’s SLIM Resumes Operations Following Upside-Down Landing

Japan’s lunar lander, Moon Sniper, has successfully resumed operations after an unconventional landing on 20 January left it stranded upside…

Moon age
Moon Age Pushed Back Billions of Years by New Evidence

Scientists have uncovered new evidence suggesting that the Moon is older than previously estimated. The moon age revelation stems from…

matter and antimatter
Antimatter Falls Down Like Matter, New Discovery Reveals

Scientists have made a discovery about antimatter, a mysterious substance that played a crucial role in the early Universe. This…

large wooden logs
476,000-Year-Old Wooden Logs Unearthed in Zambia

Archaeologists uncovered ancient wooden logs dating back almost half a million years on the riverbanks of Zambia. Published in Nature…


UK Government’s Plan to Double E-Bike Power Draws Safety Concerns

The UK Department for Transport’s proposal to double the maximum legal power of e-bikes has sparked warnings about potential safety…

Google Refutes Hoax Claiming Gmail Shutdown Amidst Misinformation Concerns

Google has been forced to publicly affirm that its email service Gmail is “here to stay” after a hoax circulated…

Human brain
Elon Musk Announces Successful Recovery of First Neuralink Brain-Chip Patient

Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, has revealed that the first human patient implanted with a brain-chip from the pioneering…

Climate Change 

Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed speaks at the opening ceremony of the Brain and Spine Conference 2023 at Villa Nautica resort on Wednesday, 25 October 2023.(Photo: People's Majlis)
Former President Nasheed Urges Climate Financing Instead of IMF Bailout

Former President Mohammed Nasheed, currently serving as the Secretary-General of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), has highlighted the unique position…

Methane leak
Unchecked Methane Leaks From Landfills Risk Global Climate Targets

The Guardian’s findings has exposed a trend of more than 1,000 significant methane leaks from landfill waste dumps since 2019,…

China-Kyrgyzstan border
China-Kyrgyzstan Border Shaken by 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the China-Kyrgyzstan border, with its epicentre in Wushu county, Aksu prefecture, at 2 a.m. local time….

Maldives Assumes Co-Chairmanship of Asia Protected Areas Partnership

The Maldives has been handed the co-chairmanship of the Asia Protected Areas Partnership (APAP), a regional consortium designed to foster…

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China Eastern Airlines’ Renewed Maldives Operations Set to Boost Chinese Tourist Arrivals

China Eastern Airlines, the second-largest airline in China, has recommenced flight operations between China and the Maldives. The inaugural flight…

Maldivian Cuts Surfboard Carriage Fees After Public Complaint
Taylor Swift
Women Triumph at Grammys, Taylor Swift Makes History

The Grammys celebrated an evening filled with historic victories, emotional tributes, and powerful performances. Women stole the spotlight, with major…

Vandalism at Koagannu Cemetery: An Unforgivable Affront to Maldivian Heritage
US screenwriters strike
US Screenwriters Reach Tentative Deal to End Five-Month Strike

After a five-month standoff that has brought Hollywood to a standstill, US screenwriters and studio executives have reached a tentative…

Swiftposium: Australia to Host World’s First Symposium on Taylor Swift
Human placenta
Microplastics Detected in Every Human Placenta Tested in Study

Researchers discovered microplastics in every human placenta analysed, signalling a potential threat to developing fetuses. The findings, published in the…

Study Links Processed Meat, Butter Diets to Increased PFAS Levels in Human Blood
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Maldivian Cuts Surfboard Carriage Fees After Public Complaint

In response to public outcry over high surfboard carriage charges, the national carrier Maldivian has announced significant reductions in its…

Manta Air Begins Direct Flights Between Kudahuvadhoo and Bengaluru