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Iran Intercepts Drones in Israel’s Tit-for-Tat Strike

United States officials revealed to US media outlets that Israel had launched an attack on a site within Iran. Iran…

Iran Warns of ‘Harsh Response’ If Israel Launches New Attacks

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has warned of a massive and harsh response to even the tiniest attack by Israel. This…

Iran Launches Retaliatory Strikes Against Israel; US, Jordan Intercept Iran’s Missiles, Drones

Iran launched dozens of drones and ballistic missiles towards Israel on Saturday, triggering air attack sirens over Jerusalem in the…

Israel Strikes Central, Southern Gaza; UNICEF Aid Convoy Hit by Israeli Gunfire

Several Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza and in Rafah, located…

Israel Continues Airstrikes in Gaza, Kills 153 Palestinians

Israeli warplanes are continuing airstrikes on Gaza City, including Zeitoun neighbourhood, killing at least 153 Palestinians and wounding more than…


Japan Kairos
Japan’s Kairos Rocket Explodes Seconds After Liftoff

Space One’s launch of its Kairos rocket ended in disaster as the 18-metre vessel exploded just seconds after liftoff. The…

US Returns to Moon After 50 Years With Spacecraft Odysseus

The United States made its long-awaited return to the lunar surface after over 50 years. The private spacecraft Odysseus, operated…

Japan’s SLIM Resumes Operations Following Upside-Down Landing

Japan’s lunar lander, Moon Sniper, has successfully resumed operations after an unconventional landing on 20 January left it stranded upside…

Moon age
Moon Age Pushed Back Billions of Years by New Evidence

Scientists have uncovered new evidence suggesting that the Moon is older than previously estimated. The moon age revelation stems from…

matter and antimatter
Antimatter Falls Down Like Matter, New Discovery Reveals

Scientists have made a discovery about antimatter, a mysterious substance that played a crucial role in the early Universe. This…


Code Llama
Meta’s Quest for Education: Revolutionising Learning Through Virtual Reality

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is gearing up to revolutionise the classroom experience with its latest venture into virtual reality…

Logitech G Unveils PRO X 60 Gaming Keyboard for Esports

In the fast-paced world of professional esports, where split-second decisions can make or break a match, top-tier players are constantly…

Climate Change 

Maldives, Australia Discuss Climate Change Mitigation and Financial Support for SIDS

Minister of Foreign Affairs Moosa Zameer and Australia’s Ambassador for Climate Change Kristin Tilley have discussed the pressing challenges faced…

Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed speaks at the opening ceremony of the Brain and Spine Conference 2023 at Villa Nautica resort on Wednesday, 25 October 2023.(Photo: People's Majlis)
Former President Nasheed Urges Climate Financing Instead of IMF Bailout

Former President Mohammed Nasheed, currently serving as the Secretary-General of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), has highlighted the unique position…

Methane leak
Unchecked Methane Leaks From Landfills Risk Global Climate Targets

The Guardian’s findings has exposed a trend of more than 1,000 significant methane leaks from landfill waste dumps since 2019,…

China-Kyrgyzstan border
China-Kyrgyzstan Border Shaken by 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the China-Kyrgyzstan border, with its epicentre in Wushu county, Aksu prefecture, at 2 a.m. local time….

Monkey Man: The Continuing Education of Dev Patel

‘Monkey Man’ is a triumph of filmmaking. And this is before you even consider the veritable “filmmaking hell” that director,…

US Screenwriters Reach Tentative Deal to End Five-Month Strike
Taylor Swift
Women Triumph at Grammys, Taylor Swift Makes History

The Grammys celebrated an evening filled with historic victories, emotional tributes, and powerful performances. Women stole the spotlight, with major…

Vandalism at Koagannu Cemetery: An Unforgivable Affront to Maldivian Heritage
Human placenta
Microplastics Detected in Every Human Placenta Tested in Study

Researchers discovered microplastics in every human placenta analysed, signalling a potential threat to developing fetuses. The findings, published in the…

Study Links Processed Meat, Butter Diets to Increased PFAS Levels in Human Blood