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Accuracy and Ethics

We are dedicated to delivering accurate, truthful, and ethically sound reporting to our valued readers. Our commitment to journalistic integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We take meticulous steps to verify the information in our articles, distinguishing between verified facts, credible claims, and speculation. Our team of skilled authors, editors, and internal fact-checkers collaborates to ensure that our reports meet the highest standards of accuracy.

Our Approach to Accuracy and Ethics

Thorough Verification: Our articles undergo rigorous fact-checking procedures by our writers and are then reviewed by experienced editors and fact-checkers to ensure their accuracy.

Primary Sources: We prioritise drawing information directly from primary sources and duly credit other news outlets when their work informs our reporting.

Transparent Communication: We provide multiple channels for readers to engage with us, addressing any concerns or questions about our reports promptly.

Diverse Story Categories: Alongside news articles, Maldives Republic offers a variety of content, including commentary, analysis, satire, interviews, and reviews, clearly categorised to distinguish each type.

Highest Ethical Standards: Our editorial team upholds the utmost journalistic ethics, including disclosing conflicts of interest, declining external payments for stories, and safeguarding confidential information.

Pen Name Accountability: We respect the anonymity of writers who choose to use pen names while ensuring full accountability for the content produced under those names.

Our Corrections Policy

Despite our dedication to accurate reporting, errors can occasionally occur. When they do, we take responsibility for addressing them honestly and transparently:

Clear Notations: For factual errors, we provide clear notations within the article and, when appropriate, in headlines, accompanied by accurate information.

Clarifications and Updates: If phrasing in a story requires clarification, we ensure it is clarified and documented. Significant updates are similarly noted for transparency.

Retractions with Explanation: If a story poses ethical concerns or contains substantial errors, an editor’s note explains the decision to retract the piece.

Ethical Transparency: In the case of objectively false claims in opinion pieces, we offer clarifications and corrections, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Sourcing and Attribution

We are committed to crediting our sources accurately:

Standard Practices: We adhere to established journalistic practices for quoting, paraphrasing, and avoiding plagiarism.

Source Credits: Information and ideas from sources are properly attributed through citation and linking.Confidentiality: We respect the confidentiality of on-the-record, off-the-record, and on-background sources, verifying information to the highest degree possible before publication.