The Business Center Corporation (BCC) has revealed the engagement of an international consultant to conduct feasibility studies for the proposed garment factory on Hithadhoo Island, Addu City. The project, overseen by BCC, is part of a concerted effort to stimulate economic growth in the region.

Ibrahim Ziyau Mohamed, the managing director of BCC, revealed the venture’s current status in a statement to the Maldives Republic. “An international consultant is currently working on the feasibility, initial groundwork, and operations,” Mohamed said. He also highlighted the potential for job creation, with the factory expected to offer over 150 new positions.

The strategy for the factory’s development includes a public-private partnership model, with the final approach being determined based on the feasibility studies’ results. “Our main focus is on providing a manufacturing and developmental opportunity for local MSMEs in this industry,” Mohamed added, underscoring the project’s alignment with local business interests.

Mohamed further indicated the scope of the factory’s impact: “[The factory] will provide an unprecedented opportunity in terms of employment opportunities and an influx of related economic activities and supplementary services in the garment and tailoring industries.”

The factory’s product range will encompass various garment types, catering multiple market segments. The BCC has secured a 30,000-square-foot land parcel through an agreement with the Addu City Council, with a 20-year lease term. The establishment of the garment factory represents a strategic initiative by the BCC to bolster local industry, create jobs, and support the economic infrastructure of Addu City, added Mohamed.