The state earned MVR 332 million from imports and exports over the last month, according to Maldives Customs Service data. This was nine percent lower than the earnings of MVR 365 million in December 2022.

The volume of both exports and imports also declined in December last year, according to customs data.

Exports stood at MVR 292 million in December 2022 in contrast to MVR 250 million in December 2023; a drop of 14 percent.

Thailand, the UK and Germany were the top importers of Maldivian goods over last month, broken down percentage wise as;

  • Thailand – 66 percent
  • UK – 9 percent
  • Germany – 7 percent
  • Switzerland – 3 percent
  • France – 3 percent

The Maldives’ largest exports were frozen skipjack tuna; valued at a total of US$127 million.

Imports to the Maldives stood at MVR 5.1 billion in December 2023, down from MVR 5.6 billion in December 2022.

China, Oman, Singapore, India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were the top suppliers to the Maldives over last month, broken down in terms of revenue as;

  • China – MVR 782 million
  • Oman – MVR 768 million
  • Singapore – MVR 731 million
  • India – MVR 683 million
  • UAE – MVR 591 million

The highest imports were fuel products, food products, machinery and electronics.