There are no significant complaints among the public regarding the permanent list of flat recipients in the first round of the ‘Gedhoruveriya’ housing scheme, State Minister for Planning at the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, and Chairman of the Gedhoruveriya Committee, Akram Kamaluddin said on Tuesday.

The names of the 4,000 flat recipients were announced on Saturday. According to the list, those eligible for three-bedroom flats have a score of 76 marks and above, and those eligible for two-bedroom apartments scored 73 and above.

While those who had applied and did not appear on the list have filed complaints with the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, Kamaluddin, at a press conference on Tuesday, said that few are questioning the validity of the flat list and characterised the complaints as a planned attack.

“This is like the India Out [movement]. Certain people are doing this. They are trying to show that this administration is making mistakes. Certain people are attempting to bring the heat up,” he said.

The final list would not include anyone with 600 square feet of land in Malé, Kamaluddin said, adding that those who received flats from the previous administration’s housing projects will also be excluded. Kamaluddin said 3,500 homes or living conditions of those who applied for the flats have been checked and the accuracy of the provided information has been verified.

Kamaluddin also made assurances that no forms had been cancelled due to invalid information and that all the errors identified in the ongoing complaint process would be corrected. If anyone’s rights have been violated as per the current list, they will be restored, he said, adding that should the current list need changing, and anyone needs to be removed from or added to the list, the change will be made.

The ministry’s Senior Executive Director Mohamed Arif also assured that nothing had been done improperly.

“If any mistakes have been made, they will be rectified after reviewing the submitted complaints,” he said. Concerning complaints that have already been lodged, Arif said a special committee is working to investigate them. “All the information on social media is being evaluated,” he said.

Arif said they have received nearly 3,000 complaints so far. There were 2,000 complaints for the three-bedroom list and 900 for the two-bedroom list, with the main complaint related to the duration of residency in Malé, Arif noted. He said he had not yet noticed any complaints that would cause a major change in the list, adding that all complaints received regarding the flat list will be answered within 24 hours.