Apple has launched a dynamic duo of MacBook Air laptops featuring cutting-edge M3 processors, signalling a strategic move towards capturing consumers seeking upgraded artificial intelligence-powered personal computers. Boasting 13-inch and 15-inch screen options, the new models showcase up to a 60% increase in speed compared to their predecessor with the M1 processor, according to information available on Apple’s official website.

With an entry price of US$1,099 for the smaller variant and US$1,299 for the larger MacBook Air, these sleek and potent devices are poised to attract tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Apple has promptly made both models available for order, and deliveries are slated to commence later this week, as confirmed by the tech giant. Notably, Apple transitioned to its proprietary chip architecture in 2020, bidding farewell to its long-standing partnership with Intel.

The infusion of artificial intelligence capabilities into personal computers is anticipated to be a pivotal factor driving a resurgence in the PC market throughout 2024, following a sluggish period post-pandemic. In the most recent financial quarter, Apple reported a modest uptick in Mac sales, totalling $7.78 billion, after experiencing a significant 33% decline in the preceding quarter. This move aligns with Apple’s broader strategy to fortify its position in the evolving landscape of computing technology.