Microsoft has revealed that four games previously exclusive to Xbox will soon be available on rival consoles, marking a significant shift in the gaming industry.

The announcement, made in a Nintendo Direct online showcase, confirms that Hi-Fi Rush and pirate adventure Sea of Thieves will be coming to Sony’s PS5. Additionally, narrative adventure Pentiment and cooperative game Grounded will be available on both PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

This move follows Microsoft’s February announcement that it would be expanding the availability of certain Xbox exclusives to other platforms, a decision that raised eyebrows within the gaming community.

Head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating that these multiplayer titles would bring more players together and grow their communities across platforms.

Neil Watton, editor of TheXboxHub, noted that while fans may not be surprised by the chosen titles, the move to enable full cross-play across platforms will reward players jumping into Grounded and Sea of Thieves, ultimately expanding the player base.

In addition to the Xbox news, Nintendo’s event unveiled several upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch, including a new Endless Ocean game, Monster Hunter Stories, and a remake of Disney’s Epic Mickey.

One unexpected announcement came from the developers of Sonic Mania, who revealed their latest game, Penny’s Big Breakaway. Director Christian Whitehead highlighted the resurgence of the 3D platformer genre and expressed excitement about the game’s distinctive 1990s aesthetic.

Penny’s Big Breakaway, a platform game reminiscent of the PlayStation 1 era, has garnered attention from fans and streamers alike. Scottish Twitch streamer Argick, with about 20,000 followers, praised the game’s smooth gameplay and lighthearted tone.

Meanwhile, fans of Elden Ring, the 2022 Game of the Year award winner, were treated to a trailer for the upcoming expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, slated for release in June on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms in the UK.