Noise, the renowned Indian wearable brand, has unveiled its latest offering in the smartwatch realm, the ColorFit Pulse 4. Positioned as a premium smartwatch experience at an entry-level price point, the ColorFit Pulse 4 aims to redefine the standards of accessibility and functionality in the wearable tech market.

At the heart of the ColorFit Pulse 4 lies its striking 1.85-inch AMOLED display, boasting a remarkable 390×450 pixel resolution and an impressive peak brightness of 600 nits. This vibrant display not only captivates the eyes but also enhances usability with its always-on feature. Noise asserts that this functionality allows users to effortlessly access essential information such as time, notifications, and health metrics without compromising battery longevity.

The ColorFit Pulse 4’s display represents a significant leap forward in providing users with a seamless and immersive smartwatch experience. By offering crisp visuals and convenient accessibility to crucial information, Noise aims to cater to the diverse needs of consumers seeking both style and functionality in their wearable devices.

With its innovative features and commitment to affordability, the ColorFit Pulse 4 underscores Noise’s dedication to democratising cutting-edge technology in the wearable space. As the smartwatch market continues to evolve, Noise’s latest offering promises to set new benchmarks for excellence, further solidifying its position as a leader in the Indian wearable industry.