Mohamed Fahmy Hassan has been dismissed from his recent appointment as State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, just four days after his appointment by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu. 

Ibrahim Khaleel, Minister at the President’s Office for Strategic Communications, confirmed the dismissal on Friday, but the reason for this action was not disclosed.

Fahmy’s political career has been marred by previous controversies, including his dismissal from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and as its President following allegations of sexually harassing a female staff member. 

The incident led to a Parliamentary inquiry in 2012, where a majority of the independent institutions committee found evidence supporting the allegations. Despite this, a tied vote in the committee led to his initial dismissal, which was later contested in the Supreme Court. In 2013, the Supreme Court overturned the decision, declaring Fahmy’s dismissal invalid, and he received compensation following a ruling in his favour by the Civil Court.

After his dismissal from the CSC, Fahmy served as the High Commissioner of the Maldives to Malaysia. His appointment as State Minister had faced public criticism, especially on the President’s Office’s official social media account, reflecting the ongoing concerns about his past conduct. This recent dismissal marks another significant turn in Fahmy’s contentious political trajectory, raising questions about the vetting process for high-level political appointments and the implications of prior misconduct allegations in political careers.