President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that he is amassing influential endorsements from council members of Jumhooree Party (JP) and The Democrats, which could sway the contest in his favour.

Speaking to the press whilst on the campaign trail in Malé City on Thursday, President Solih remarked, “Many JP council members are in discussion with us to join us.” He noted that the majority of JP members are set to collaborate with the MDP, despite the party’s official stance of not endorsing either candidate in the runoff.

President Solih, who represents the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), also announced that a significant number of members from The Democrats have expressed their willingness to work with him. “I am saying we are receiving support from generally most at present,” he added.

Ilham Ahmed, Special Envoy for JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim, affirmed his support for President Solih in a tweet. Ilham pointed out that the president’s leadership had steered the nation peacefully and without unrest, emphasising the danger of electing individuals vowing to carry out “revengeful acts.”

“As I believe the incumbent, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, is the most capable individual that can be elected as the president of the Maldives as of present — and therefore, I have pledged my support to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih,” Ilham Ahmed stated.

Other significant endorsements came from JP’s leader Qasim’s advisor Riyaz Rasheed and the party’s council members Mohamed Saeed and Mohamed Fayaz.

The president also took the opportunity to address the issue of a constitutional referendum aimed at changing the system of governance from the existing presidential system to a parliamentary one. President Solih pointed out that many Democrats had advocated for such a change even when they were members of the MDP.

The presidential election has been driven to a runoff after none of the candidates achieved an outright win in the first round. President Solih secured 39% of the votes, placing him second. Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the candidate for the opposition PPM-PNC coalition, led the first round with 46% of the votes.