Outgoing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with President-Elect Mohamed Muizzu at The President’s Office on Sunday. No additional details were immediately available.

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom had similarly met with the then President-Elect Solih shortly after the presidential elections in 2018, perhaps setting a precedent of a customary call between the outgoing and incoming numbers.

There are a number of administrative obligations on both parties in order to have the transition of government go smoothly between now and the swearing in of the current President-Elect on 17 November. In addition, both candidates were also expected to take the opportunity to clear the air after a hard-fought, near-no-holds-barred, and aggressive campaign, before the assumption of official duties and as transitional teams begin their work.

Muizzu having won the second round run-off of the presidential elections by a eight percent margin over Solih will be sworn in as President on 17 November, by which time all agencies of the executive branch would have formulated a transition plan for the leadership switchover.