Minister at the President’s Office for Strategic Communications Ibrahim Khaleel, along with senior officials from the President’s Office, has conducted a special collaborative discussion meeting with senior representatives from local media. The meeting was held at the President’s Office Thursday morning.  

The meeting, led by Minister Khaleel, was aimed at formulating a procedural framework to be followed on the implementation of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s presidential pledge to allocate a suitable portion of the government’s budget to the media, according to the President’s Office.  

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Ibrahim Khaleel affirmed that the administration is committed to impartially sharing news and information with all media outlets, emphasising the absence of a ‘black list.’ 

Further, Minister Khaleel reiterated the administration’s commitment to ensure media growth, including the establishment of a media village as outlined in the President’s pledges, and the provision of education and training opportunities for media professionals. He also said that the Communications Office at the President’s Office will closely monitor government departments’ activities in disclosing information to the media, and ensure the fulfillment of government commitments to the media. 

Attended by numerous senior representatives from local media outlets, the meeting also addressed strategies to overcome challenges faced by the media. The President’s Office plans to continue holding discussions and exchange sessions with the media.