The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail delivered a pointed critique of the Mohamed Muizzu administration on Monday, stating that the public has lost confidence in the administration due to its poor policies and governance.

Speaking to the media after the submission of nomination papers for MDP candidates contesting the upcoming parliamentary elections, Ismail, who previously served as the Minister of Economic Development in the MDP-led administration, alleged that President Muizzu has been flip-flopping on his pledges.

He voiced concerns over the eroding public trust in the government, alleging that “in his public addresses, the president has shown a tendency to modify or retract his commitments, occasionally denying the initial existence of such pledges.”

Ismail also drew attention to the economic challenges the Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration faced, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“Despite these constraints,” he underscored, “the MDP ensured the continuation of infrastructure projects without imposing undue burdens on the citizens.” He also cautioned about “impending challenges to the people in the near future due to the precarious state of public finance.”

Ismail emphasised that this highlights the necessity for robust political representation in the next parliament, which is capable of holding the government accountable. “In the absence of a formidable opposition party to keep the government in check, the people may be subjected to adverse conditions,” he cautioned. He further added, “Securing a majority in parliament would enable us to strive towards enhancing the proficiency of what is currently perceived as an inept government.”