The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is investigating eight cases related to the upcoming parliamentary elections, slated for 21 April, the ACC’s media official Hassan Manik has confirmed.

Manik revealed to the Maldives Republic that several cases have been filed with the anti-corruption watchdog. Of these, eight have been registered and are currently under investigation, he said, adding that the allegations range from the misuse of state resources for political campaigning to bribery and acts of campaigning that limit the rights of other candidates.

“We are receiving complaints from all directions,” Manik said. “Ten cases have been filed with the commission so far.” Following these allegations, the ACC has urged the public to report any instances of corruption related to the parliamentary elections.

The commission has adopted a dedicated strategy in preparation for the parliamentary vote. This strategy outlines the central policies to be adopted by the commission to ensure the integrity of the upcoming parliamentary elections, prevent corrupt practices, and encourage fair elections.

The strategy aims to monitor potential corrupt practices during the election period, reduce such practices, raise awareness, and strengthen the commission’s investigation of complaints about electoral corruption. It also seeks to expedite the investigation of such cases.