Import levies and exports earned the state MVR 310 million this April, according to data released by the Maldives Customs Service. This was 0.5 percent increase over the MVR 308 million in earnings within the same period last year.

Goods worth MVR 4.7 billion were imported last month—the value of imports stood at MVR 4.5 billion in April 2023—translating to a six percent increase over the same period last year.

Oman, India, China, Singapore and the UAE were the top importers to the Maldives last month with;

CountryImport Value (MVR)
Oman777 million
India761 million
China722 million
Singapore537 million
UAE467 million

The largest imports were machinery and electrical equipment, fuel products and food items.

According to customs statistics, the amount of goods exported from the Maldives declined last month with MVR 151 million worth of goods exported — exports stood at MVR 193 million in April 2023. The Maldives exported the most goods to Thailand, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and India.