Adam Azim, former CEO of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), has submitted his candidacy papers for Mayor of Malé City to the Election Commission (EC). Azim and other candidates from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) who are running for Malé City Council seats in the upcoming by-elections handed over their nomination papers at a meeting held at the commission on Tuesday.

Azim, after submitting his papers to the EC, told local media that his top priority as mayor would be to ensure the delivery of housing plots awarded to the people of Malé during the MDP-led Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration.

“The MDP administration has given the land to them to solve the housing problem. They should be give the land from where they were allocated land. We will do whatever is necessary to do that by taking it up with the courts and going through the court process,” Azim said.

Azim’s other priorities include greening the streets, working to solve traffic congestion, and undertaking a land assessment of the city. In addition, he assured to prioritise parking-related issue and the maintenance and expansion of public parks.

Hopefully, we will do everything necessary to prevent the government from implementing any plan to deprive the people of any rights, especially the right to land and housing.

Malé Mayoral Candidate for MDP Adam Azim, speaking to local media.

Azim, during the Solih administration, was initially appointed Managing Director of the Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) and later took over as Managing Director of the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

Under Azim’s leadership, MTCC saw significant progress, including the expansion of the Malé region bus service, introduction of mini bus services, and the launch of RTL ferry services.

MDP will also field candidates for Malé City Council in the South Maafannu, Central Henveiru and South Henveiru constituencies.

The post of Malé Mayor was left vacant after Mohamed Muizzu was sworn in as President last month. Malé City Council seats for South Maafannu, Central Henveiru and South Henveiru constituencies became vacant after some council members resigned to take up positions in the Muizzu administration.

By-elections for the mayorship and vacancies in Malé City Council for South Maafannu, Central Henveiru, and South Henveiru are scheduled for 13 January.