The Department of National Registration (DNR) and telecom provider Dhiraagu have formalised a partnership aimed at combating scam calls. This collaboration establishes a framework for sharing public information between the DNR and Dhiraagu, which will help verify the identities of individuals when they apply for the company’s services.

Under this agreement, DNR will provide Dhiraagu with access to its database via API authentication credentials. This access is intended to enhance the verification process of national identity information, thereby improving security for customers and reducing fraudulent activities associated with SIM card registrations.

Officials from both organisations have expressed optimism about the impact of this collaboration. Deputy Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ahmed Ali, representing DNR, and Masood Ali, Dhiraagu’s Director of Customer Services and Regional Operations, who signed the MoU, both emphasised the benefits of digital technology in improving service delivery and customer convenience.

This partnership is seen as a crucial step in using digital solutions to protect personal information and strengthen telecommunications security across the region.