The Elections Commission (EC) has finalised the allocation of state funds to all eligible political parties, including the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) and the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Hassan Zakariyya, a member of the EC and its spokesperson, confirmed the completion of this financial process to local media outlet Adhadhu.

Until May, the MDP and PNC were the last remaining parties awaiting state funds. The EC explained that the MDP’s funds were delayed due to the party’s late submission of its financial statements, while the PNC’s were attributed to the party’s delay in providing its banking details.

By the end of May, the EC had ensured that all eligible political parties received their respective state funding, according to Zakariyya. While the MDP and PNC received their funds later than others, the other qualifying parties had already received their disbursements as early as April.

In the Maldives, state funding for political parties is contingent upon the size of their membership base, with only those exceeding 10,000 members qualifying for state funding.

The distribution of funds this year saw the MDP receiving MVR 15.1 million, reflecting its status as the largest party, while the PNC-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) secured MVR 10.4 million.

Other beneficiaries included the PNC with MVR 8 million, the Jumhooree Party (JP) with MVR 5.3 million, the Adhaalath Party (AP) with MVR 2.5 million, and the Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) with MVR 2.4 million.

With ten registered political parties in the country, the allocation of state funds is seen as essential for supporting the functioning of the democratic system, enabling political parties to maintain operations, engage with constituents, and conduct political activities.