The Green Fund had accumulated MVR 1.2 billion by the end of last year, the Ministry of Finance figures show.

According to the Green Fund Report released by the Ministry of Finance for December 2023, MVR 999 million was deposited in the Green Fund last year while MVR 534 million was spent on various projects over the same period.

The green tax is levied on tourists to raise finances to support environmentally friendly initiatives and is payable by tourists visiting resorts, guesthouses, city hotels, and safaris.

Tourists visiting resorts, safaris and hotels are required to pay a green tax of US$6 per person for each day of their stay. Tourists who vacation at guest houses are required to pay a green tax at the rate of US$3 per person.

The government spends the revenue from green tax on various environmental projects in islands including water and sewerage systems, clean environment, and beach protection projects.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the highest amount of money was deposited in March last year when MVR 105 million was deposited. The next highest, of MVR 100 million, was received in January.

Last December, the Green Fund took in MVR 81 million. This included MVR 30 million from Kaafu (K) Atoll alone — MVR 27 million from resorts and MVR 3 million from guesthouses totalling the highest from any single atoll.

The second highest contributor, in terms of atolls, was Raa (R) Atoll which collected MVR 9 million in December.