The Ministry of Housing, Land, and Urban Development has stated that registries of the first round of flats, which were awarded during the Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration and are currently being built in Hulhumalé, will not be handed over until the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) completes its inquiry into the matter.

President Mohamed Muizzu had previously said that the registries would be handed over within this week. However, as the ACC is investigating the matter, the registries of those specific flats will be handed over after the inquiry is concluded, the ministry said.

The first 4,000 to receive the flats have been identified and the list has been made public with the government, under the previous administration, having already signed agreements with the recipients.

Former State Minister of Housing Akram Kamaludeen said the ACC had ordered the draw be halted after the process was completed and the agreements signed.

The issue is being investigated by the ACC, which said this week that they do not know when investigations will be completed.

The ACC had earlier initiated an inquiry on the Hiya flats, developed at Hulhumalé during the Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom administration, which is also yet to be concluded.